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Electronic Processing of Memberships


Recently National has implemented a process for Membership Officers to process new, renewal and some transfers online. This process will allow a Post to process payment online, eliminating the need to send in the Membership Cards to Department. This is a SIGNIFICANT change which should enable quicker processing of memberships.


Details are included in the attached information document.


Any questions please feel free to contact Commander Vasso.


Step by Step Instructions


Generating Membership Lists from


A how to guide on transferring members from the Direct Mail Solicitation (DMS) lists to your Post!


Step by Step Instructions


2019 Membership Progress Update From Department

As of May 26th, 2019

Morris County is in 13th Place in NJ at 92.09%

Did not hit 95% for April. We dropped from 13th to 14th place.

2019 National Membership Report

The National Membership report provides insight into the membership numbers for each region and state.

2019 Report