American Legion Morris County

Attention Morris County Posts!

You are welcome to add to the County website - please read the following for general guidance.

The Morris County website is available for a Post to submit the following:

  • Events at their Post or of general interest to Morris County.
  • Selected pictures of a Post event where the County is a participant (e.g. Installation)
  • Elements of a customized Post page – this should be high level with basic information/pictures which can assist in connecting the Post with the public or redirecting the visitor to a Post website – IT IS NOT IN LIEU of a Post specific website.
  • Names for Post Everlasting – send information on members who have passed into the Post Everlasting

HOW: Post can submit information via email or by using the Web Update Form. Photos need to be JPEGs and sent via email. We can link PDFs to the website so that is also an option.

WHEN: Post information will be updated monthly – submissions are due at the County meeting for the next update. Time sensitive events can be submitted prior to the between meetings on a case by case basis.

WHO: Submissions may be sent to the County Commander David Marciano, the County Historian Dennis Propora, or the County Adjutant Paul Connors. All submissions are subject to approval.


Send submissions to anyone of the following individuals:

County Commander - David F. Marciano Email

County Adjutant - Paul Connors Email

County Historian - Dennis Propora Email