American Legion Morris County

I look forward to leading our great organization this Legion year 2023-2024
with your help of course. We all know that the heart and soul of our organization
are the Blue Cap Legionnaires. You are always there for our Veterans and I know
you will continue to be there this year. You, along with our Legion Family
(Auxiliary, SAL, ALR), will be instrumental in accomplishing our Department
Project Goal of $137,000.
Menlo Park $25,000 Eye Click, Bingo Machine
Paramus $12,000 Chairs, Food Carts, Clean Room Chairs
Vineland $30,000 Casino Royal, Fountains, Recliners
Vet Haven North $ 5,000 For Veterans Needs
Vet Haven South $ 5,000 For Veterans Needs
Service Dog $20,000 Rebuilding Warriors
Veterans Suicide $10,000 Funding for helping Vets in need
Homeless Vets $10,000 Housing for Vets
Vietnam Memorial $10,000 Security System for Holmdel Location
Korean Memorial $10,000 Brass Name Plate for refurbishing
We need to continue to look out for our New Jersey Veterans and one way to do so
is to contribute to our Department Project. I thank you in advance for your
generous donation.
For God and Country,

The American Legion, Dept of NJ