American Legion Morris County


The NEC of the The American Legion recently passed Resolution 5 - Vision, Mission, Values and Motto of The American Legion — which was a significant event and will prove to be highly valuable for the organization as it enables the The American Legion to focus on its true purpose — improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families.  For your reference a copy of Resolution 5 is attached. 


One big advantage of having a sound vision and mission is that it provides the organization with a very clear lens through which to view issues and decide whether we should publicly comment on said issue(s).  As you know, when The American Legion speaks we carry the voices of all our members and veterans across the nation and the globe.  As such, we have an enormous responsibility to be thoughtful, judicious and measured when we do elect to enter any conversation in a public forum. Therefore, we will strive to publicly comment on issues that do in fact have a direct impact on improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families. 


Additionally, as you are aware, National has made many public comments on a number of social issues so our position is quite clear on almost any recent topic — Law Enforcement, Sanctuary Cities, Flag Code, etc., so the need to continuously reiterate those statements is in many instances simply redundant. 


We do, however, recognize that on a local and regional level the needs of your Department(s) may be somewhat different so we wanted to provide you with some thoughts on how to comment on public issues if you deem the need to comment necessary:


·       Local media and officials looking for comment desire to hear from their local American Legion leadership when it comes to issues that pertain to their specific communities.  


·       Remarks made by local Legion leadership to the media (or other officials) should be based on Resolutions only — and not the personal beliefs or wishes of the designated local spokesperson. 


·       Resolutions on specific topics can be searched here —


·       For reference purposes, you can also search for past comments National has made on issues here —


Finally, we would highly recommend that local Legion leadership apply the same lens as National does and comment on issues pertinent to improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families.


We hope this information is helpful, and thanks for all you do on a daily basis to improve the lives of veterans, the military and their families. 


The American Legion National Headquarters